Strategic Human Resource Planning

"Executing Mission, Delivering Goals”

I don’t want a consultant that only knows concepts and theory. I need someone that can align our people towards common objectives.

We are reliable to do it!

  • Formulate Vision, Mission, Core Values & Corporate philosophies
  • Develop strategy and operational milestones
  • Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to the organization
  • Create execution work flow by management levels
  • Produce employee’s handbook governing all aspects of behaviors at the work place

Recruitment and Selections

"Right Competencies, Right Expectations”

I want a consultant that best equips me with the right selection tools to get the talent needed.

We are committed to do it!

  • Formulate selections Standard Operating Procedures and Policies (SOPP)
  • Establish job descriptions and job specifications based on competencies
  • Setting expectations and assignments for new recruits
  • Educate and train leaders on interviewing skills
  • Produce selection tools by job functions

Training and Development

"Higher Efficiency, More Returns”

I don’t want a consultant that only wants my business, instead of helping me to develop my employee’s potentials and competitive edge.

We are passionate about it!

  • Establish organizational wide Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
  • Create different training evaluations for different stages
  • Formulate orientation programs for new join
  • Develop training SOPP
  • Conduct trainings on necessary skills and knowledge

Performance Appraisal

"Better Feedback, Greater Results”

I need a consultant that provides me the expertise and scientific way to take my people move towards greater achievements.

We are reliable to do it!

  • Establish behavioral competencies link with the key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Develop performance appraisal SOPP
  • Conduct performance appraisal interviewing skills training
  • Create fair appraisal system with steering committees
  • Produce comprehensive system to create synergy results

Compensation and Benefits

"Different Rewards, Greater Motivations”

I need a consultant that helps me design incentives and benefits effectively for driving my team.

We are committed to do it!

  • Establish job grade and salary scale
  • Recommend rewards differentiation scheme based on competencies and performance
  • Formulate strategies on pay, incentives and benefits
  • Create performance-based rewards system
  • Develop weekly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annual reward system

Career Development

"Inventing Path, Creating Successor”

I want a consultant that gives my employees the room to grow in my organization and build their future with us.

We are passionate to do it!

  • Establish individual career goals align with organizational growth
  • Formulate career development SOPP
  • Create system which encourage multiple career path
  • Introduce benchmarking system for employee exposure and growth
  • Build talent retention plans